Are Fake Security Cameras for You?

Everybody knows that even though banks and stores use security cameras they still get robbed. On the other hand, statistics show that security cameras do reduce criminal activity somewhat. So what can you do to help prevent crime with spending too much money on a full featured security system? Maybe a fake security camera will work for you. A fake security camera is made to look like a variety of video security cameras but doesn't really do anything except sit there. The whole idea behind using fake camera is that what appears to be a video surveillance system will scare off a potential criminal.

Using a fake security camera around the house can help keep criminals away. Burglars don't like to take risks look for the easiest target they can, so they may simply look for a easier target if they see signs of a home security camera system. If you do decide to use a fake camera you should get the more expensive model. The cheap cameras are easy to spot which defeats the purpose. Remember that they do not actually provide any security if a burglar does break in.

Sometimes a camera is used as a deterrent and to make a record that can help the police catch criminal, and the courts to prosecute. Sometimes they are also used for monitoring one person can keep an eye on more than one area. Obviously, this won't work with a fake security camera, you need the real thing.

If you are looking for a cheap way to make your home look less of a target to burglars, then a fake security camera might be worth considering. If you plan to install a real security system that uses door and window alarms, motion detectors etc., Then you might want to just get a real camera, the cost between fake security cameras and real cameras is not too different for the protection the real thing affords.

The value of a fake security camera depends on what you want it for. If all you want is to find an cheap way to make it look like you've got a security system, then dummy security cameras could help you. Just make sure you put them in an obvious place where criminals are likely to see them. However, if you really want to increase your security, then a fake security camera is not the way to go.

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