Dummy Video Cameras

Dummy security cameras can be a vital part of your video surveillance system.  They can be placed among real security cameras so that criminals aren't sure which are the real cameras and which are fake. Don't fool yourself into thinking that a smart criminal (career criminal) won't be able to spot the difference.  If all your cameras look the same except for one that might raise a red flag.  Some dummy security cameras don't have real looking lenses, maybe the lens tube is just an empty piece of plastic painted black on the inside.  Remember that a real camera will have an aperture.  Some dummy security cameras have a dummy aperture to make them look more real.  If your dummy camera looks like cheap plastic then that can also be a dead giveaway.  

Dummy Video Camera Giveaways

Remember a real camera will have wires, one for power one for the video signal.  These wires are usually run inside of the building, but if a dummy security camera has wires running from it, it will make it look more like the real deal.  When installing a dummy camera make sure you run wires when you do.  If you just stick them up and a thief sees you, they'll know it's just a fake camera.  The best thing is to install the dummy video camera among real cameras in a location where a real camera might be.  You don't want them to be super conspicuous, but you do want them to be seen.  For more realism there are batter powered cameras that have a motion sensor that causes them to move.  Some have a battery powered "on light" that makes them seen like they have power to them.  

Just remember though, that if you can buy a dummy security camera so can a thief.  They can see what dummy models look like and be alerted to them.  The way to overcome this is to use an empty camera casing.  Many security camera companies will sell the empty "shell".  It will look exactly like a real camera by the same company.  Placed in between the real cameras the dummy security camera will really hard to spot.